Friday, July 30, 2010

Next Public Tour: September 6 - Labor Day!

Yes, I know - I haven't had a public tour since Memorial Day and my E. 78th Street Walk. But that was a good time, and I had a nice turnout - and I believe we had a good time, too. Some of us even closed out the walk with a nice lunch at Serafina's on Madison and E. 79th Street. Good food!

So, you ask: what's next? Let's go downtown, this time ... to Ninth Street!

Once again, I'm not walking you down a "main" street, like W. 8th Street and St. Marks Place. No, that's not my style! Rather, let's explore a street just north of it ... and examine more closely the buildings that grace the sidewalks, and talk about some of those who lived there and made them their home. And let's just marvel at the grace notes that seem to be all over at times - that do so much to make New York a wonderful place to live in and explore. For, after all, around every corner, wonders may arise -

Oh, no I can't give away too much! But, you should remember that the Village wasn't always like what it is today ... but what did it look like? Remember the Jefferson Market Courthouse - and jail?

The next year - the market was gone! What happened to the jail? We shall see - we shall see all!

And that's only just after the beginning of our walk ... which shall begin at Joe, at the corner of Waverly Place and Gay Street, at 10am on Monday, September 6 - Labor Day! That's right, this is a walk for those of you intrepid enough to stay in the city for - for the U.S. Tennis Open? For the peace and quiet of a late summer day in the city without crowds? Who knows! But, you'll walk with me and see and hear from very interesting places and things ... and end up in a neighborhood considered on of the BEST in North America!

And perhaps you'll enjoy a cool Root Beer near one of the great community gardens of the East Village -
It's all good. Please let The Street Teacher know as soon as you can if you'd like to join him along Ninth Street on Labor Day! The cost will be $25 per person, and we'll be meeting at 10:00am on Monday, September 6, at Joe, at 141 Waverly Place, at the corner of Waverly and Gay Street. Please send an e-mail to to register.

What? You don't know Joe? See their video!

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Summer Night

I'm going to give you more frequent doses of The Street Teacher on his blog - I promise!

So, last evening, and one can take advantage of this on other Thursday evenings this summer, many of us went out to Liberty Island for a dinner of lobster with corn on the cob - and a leisurely walk around the statue. A pleasant place - and quiet too - when you have the opportunity to subtract the crowds and the heat of the mid-day sun. Ahh.....

The moon was almost full, and seemed to nuzzle up against the soft side of our Lady Liberty, as she posed there in the simmering setting sun. Many were there, but not enough to destroy the calm that seemed to be with us like a calming breeze; the heat had spared us all last night, and the breezes kept us cool.

We could see our other favorite island in a quite different light:

The daily tourist, or traveler, cannot enjoy this view; the ferry stops too early for them. Only on
these Thursday nights is this possible. And we had a wonderful evening.

When it came time for us all to depart (for if we missed the ferry, as the rather abrupt ranger said in the beginning, "you swim"), we gathered on the top deck to enjoy the cruise home through the evening waves.

It was a little hard to believe that's where some of us live, but it is - and we weren't the only ones in the harbor to celebrate Manhattan.

We looked back at Lady Liberty - standing and admiring .... There were many who watched the sun caress the water, and reflect off all the buildings.

The evening may not have been long enough for some, but all of us enjoyed the life on the water of the harbor at least for a little while. Perhaps we could imagine ourselves passengers on private yachts, or crewmembers of commercial vessels of years ago ....

Yet, those dreams are but that - right? Dreams?

Yes - but we will always dream!