Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Believe Me: Spring is Coming!

Yes, I'm telling you that it is definitely going to be here just as Punxsutawney Phil said it'd be: earlier rather than later. So, what should we begin to do immediately? Get back into shape!

We're walkers, right? So, let's make sure our shoes still fit, and that our socks are clean and whole (and not hole-y), but more than that, let's begin to make a new habit of walking to anywhere that's less than ten blocks from us.

What's 10 blocks? Figure about a half mile. "Oh, I can't do that!" Sure you can!

After all, I plan on taking many of you (!) on a nice longish walk in the middle of April, only 6 weeks away, and I wouldn't want you to be unprepared. In fact, although we're really not going to be doing any real serious hiking, I should let you know that the Appalachian Mountain Club has published just today an article entitled Get Coordinated Before You Hike - and I think it has a lot of reasonable pointers for you. Check it out!

After all, you do want to hike with me here, right? Want to know where - make a comment below! I'll be telling you soon!