Monday, May 30, 2011

The Last Night at Elaine's

You'll never believe it, but this was also my first night at Elaine's. Perhaps - well, perhaps any number of things. Maybe it was something like what Graydon Carter said about the likelihood of his taking over to continue the tradition:

"If you live downtown, 89th and 2nd Avenue is really a serious hike, and ultimately, that was the deciding factor." Although he did say that he just felt no one could fill Elaine's shoes.

But, then, what did I feel about the place - for the hour I was allowed to stand at the bar before they rotated us out? First of all, it was a beautiful night, and I had just finished performing a wedding at the Ladis's Pavilion in Central Park in front of 25 people from England, and had walked all across town to meet Alison and Bonnie at Elaine's - it was for me a very nice evening,
and why not have a drink? And we were virtually the first in line.

The bartenders weren't exactly cheerful, but they were there and able to serve us relatively quickly. But, they did seem, how you say: as if all this attention, while welcome for the night, as a bartender would always feel, was on this occasion a bit too patronizing to really be appreciated. Go figure!

We met some new people - and everyone was new since we'd never been there before! Everyone was taking pictures. One new friend, who had been a customer within the past five or six years, but who had perhaps not seen Elaine's in its hay day, was very helpful.

Bonnie is helped by Philip with her camera - and a new friend is made.

The drinks were good, and the one bartender whose name I got - Alex - was humorous in a wry sort of way as he went about his last night at Elaine's bar.

And me? Oh, I was happy enough - it's really spring now, and the rains seem to have left us, and so has the chill of that ridiculous April we had this year!

So, what more is in the offing? I will be more up to date - but on the 11th of June I am planning for another walk - but a walk through the Nature Center of Tenafly, New Jersey - to which we'll bus it! Fun for bird lovers - and general nature walkers too.

See you soon!