Sunday, June 26, 2016

And what did you do over the summer?

Good day everyone!  

Here is your Street Teacher to tell you what just happened this August.   

I climbed Mt. Greylock, in Adams, MA last month - 

I hiked up with my friend Philippe ....

... and I followed closely since he knew the route of the Thunderbolt Trail ... 

I followed - and was rewarded with commanding views! 

We met a number of hikers, both biped and quadruped ... 

Nearing the top we climbed these oddly civilized steps! 

- and saw this road!  Slackers!  

It was quite a hike - and when we had completed the climb we spoke to a Ranger who told us - that the trail we had climbed was closed!  
As proof that I made it! 

I am presently planning tours and walks for the fall - and once more I have a walk across the George Washington Bridge, a somewhat shorter walk, with a real treat at the end.  

Interested!?  It will be in November - I will alert you all who are subscribed (sign up now at the upper left on this blog) to my Newsletter as to the exact time and date and all details! 

Walk on!