Saturday, May 22, 2010

Public Tour on May 31 - Memorial Day!

Good morning all! I have been away from my blog for too long - but I have been busy. Many tours, more interesting visitors and travelers, and I am now hosting a Public Tour on May 31 for those of you who may be in New York over this next weekend, and particularly on Memorial Day.

Of all days! you say? Well, yes, and we'll take a nice walk in a little explored neighborhood - in fact, a neighborhood I feel that many have not considered as one even though many, many people have been here and continue to walk this street every day.

What's that? It's East 78th St., from the East River all the way to Central Park - a most varied block, with history both personal and political, not too mention financial and global. All on a single street.

I've been interested in this street ever since I saw the Duke Mansion on the Fifth Avenue corner. Yet, that was only the beginning of the street - and for us it will be near the ending of our tour. We'll start on York Avenue - and we'll certainly discuss that as well! - at my local coffee shop, Beanocchio's, at 11:00. If you would come, remember the cost will be $25 per person - which includes coffee! - and you should come at least 15 minutes early. We will introduce ourselves, and get adjusted for our walk. Expect to be on E. 78th St. for between 2 and 3 hours - and we'll be ending at Central Park.

New York City has been through quite a winter this past year! My East 78th Street certainly saw its share of drifts and snow plows, and those of you watching the progress of the 2nd Avenue Subway may have had to avoid all kinds of interesting equipment on your travels down that avenue too.

Of course, we'll be walking across 2nd Avenue: the subway is coming. But, did you know that something was supposed to be substituting for that subway until it was finished? What! You don't know? Why, it was the Third Avenue El! (Click on that link - it's fun.) Yes, we'll talk about that too.

The real estate market seemed to plunge a big too, with rentals becoming quite abundant, and prices even dipping close to $1100 per month - but we're not talking two bedrooms here of course! Some of the buildings we will see on our walk have been for sale, and others have apartments within them that have been rented or sold.

Here is the "great room" of a two bedroom apartment, now available for $1,850,000, at 188 E. 78th Street. Hmm. Quite reasonable ... size, anyway!

Or perhaps you have the idea for a somewhat more modest abode, at 508 E. 78th Street, which in years past could have accommodated a family of four that is only $360,000:

Oh, we'll see the exteriors of these buildings, and I will tell the stories of many of them and their inhabitants that can remind you, perhaps, of people you know, or relationships you may have enjoyed in years past, as we walk though time, but just down the street - down just one of the streets in the city where some of you really live.

And maybe some of you will remember this musical! I'd love to hear someone hum a tune from it! (Go ahead - click on the image above!)

So, we already have a number of walkers signed up - come and join us! E-mail us: - come all!