Friday, August 2, 2013


People living deeply have no fear of death.
Anais Nin 

Good summer everyone!  I hope you're all doing just what you want to do this summer - and if that
means catching up on your reading (and who hasn't been wondering when that free time would ever happen?), I have a walk or two in mind that can jog that guilty conscience and remind you of some of those "classics" that you still have somewhere on your shelves. (You like that quote above? Read more at )

Indeed, I will be leading two walks in Greenwich Village, both starting in Jackson Square at the northern end of Greenwich Avenue.  The first one is scheduled for August 11 from 1:00pm to roughly 3:30pm; the second at those same hours, but on August 25.

Register by clicking here and connect with my website - please be sure to leave your name and phone number!
23 Bethune St.

Jackson Square
 I will be leading you around the village and talking about writers who would "live deeply," who would find and express themselves as best they could.  Writers such as John Cheever, Willa Cather, Edward Estlin Cummings, Henry Miller and Anais Nin - and Margaret Wise Brown, author of "Good Night Moon", who had perhaps a quite different audience but was searching for a life as meaningful as any of the others.  And, after all, what was the Village back then?

So, come with me, The Street Teacher, and be introduced to these personalities and more, on my August Walks.  Register by clicking here and connect with my website - please be sure to leave your name and phone number!