Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hot Time, Summer in the City ... !

I'm writing now (on July 23) when the temperature has finally found a home below 90 degrees, and the humidity is tolerable.  In fact, as I write now the Mid Manhattan Library is cooled just by fans.  The big ones, whirring as I type, wafting warm breezes around these second floor stacks.

But these past weeks!  OMG! (As certain of the youthful set might have remarked.)  Some of my travelers were delighted with the Water Feature on the High Line:
 And still others took the invitation for a dip a little too literally!
 But it certainly is a welcome feature, for otherwise it can be pretty hot up there.
 Later that day I looked down Broadway from above Great Jones Street - and there gleamed No. 1 World Trade Center:
 The next day, as I was walking with my two visitors from Wisconsin, who should I spot but:
 "Tom" turkey?  Yes!  A wild turkey, calmly walking along the promenade of Battery Park City -
 - conversing with other visitors to the park.  Right?

But, for other would-be wild animals, in other climes, I'm sure this was a hot, hot, time!