Monday, November 25, 2013

Walking out of Town!

We Did It Again - 
Over the River, and through the Woods!

The November Walk was almost epic 
We walked - and saw New York differently!

The crossing of the George Washington Bridge is an experience that is like an initiation: if we can get across here, enduring the noise and motion of all those vehicles, and stay away from both the edge of the bridge and out of the way of all the racing bicycles (or so it seems!), then we will have made it!  

We did feel that we had made it - over and up into the woods - and onward toward the cliff's edge.  This picture was about 3 miles up along the trail (the Long Path), about 5 miles from our start at 178th Street and Fort Washington Avenue.  

And to think that all this was being chipped and quarried away in the 19th century so Manhattan could have tall buildings, sidewalks, and sturdy docks for their ships!  It was a consortium of Women's Clubs that finally persuaded the governors of New Jersey and New York (Teddy Roosevelt) to form the Palisades Interstate Park.  

We stopped occasionally, and took pictures as I told stories of old mansions atop the cliffs - and even of hotels that had graced the cliffs.  
And this is the smaller version of the Palisades Mountain House - before it burned down 

We will do a somewhat similar walk in the Spring - but there will be other elements added to it to keep it current.  

After all, the LG Corporation is beginning to threaten to spoil the view from New York!  

Check out this link - and keep your eyes peeled for more information in the media! 

Stay tuned!