Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sledding in Central Park - A Perfect Morning!

 Oh, last Saturday we saw winter come - but winter almost as it should if it were scheduled by all the powers that be: companies, schools, governments: the snow accumulated for our enjoyment on the weekend!  No businesses that I know of had to be closed (of course, I stand to be corrected!), and certainly few schools had to be closed, and if you got up early you could easily enjoy the best sledding day of the year (and possibly the only one, if both Punxatawnie Phil and Staten Island Chuck groundhogs are right and we're due for an early spring!):

The hills were alive with the sound of children and scrunching snow - and snow that wasn't wet yet either.  Of course, it didn't make for good snow balls, but it was perfect for sledding.

 And skiing too!  Yes, skiing in Central Park - I saw one young person walking past with his skis, on his way to the Great Lawn, perhaps:

And a friend sent me a picture of herself completely outfitted for a cold day on skis!  

Yes, it was winter - at least last week.  Now?  Well, spring is in the air, I'm afraid, and I doubt we shall see any more significant snow in the city ... maybe!  Check out the video - and enjoy a morning sledding!