Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Walks with the Street Teacher

Good day, desk dogs!  This spring time note is to alert you at your desks to the real wood out there in the world, and to urge you to really escape that wood under your blotter by walking in the park - wherever your park may be!

This shot was taken in the morning one day, looking down into the gulf of a wilderness area only recently trimmed - no!  It was in Central Park, just off the 102nd Street transverse, looking down into the woods where the Loch is that drains water from the Pool into the Harlem Meer.

Still don't know where that is?  For shame!  Anyway, and seriously, that is my shadow looming over the picture, we at The Street Teacher shall be taking long and short walks throughout both the City and the neighborhood (remember?  We also walk bridges!) this season.  Perhaps you have heard?  I will be leading a walk up along the Harlem River on Saturday, April 28 - the day after Arbor Day (which is always the last Friday of April).  But I heard today that the Harlem River Park, where we'll be walking, is also the site of a wonderful new community art project.  Check it out - and sign up for the walk at this link.
It should be a wonderful day for a walk - and this is only half way!  

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  1. Hello Street Teacher,

    My Compliment
    Very nicely done
    Very inviting
    Wish You were closer
    Good luck
    Blessings from PURE Michigan