Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Glorious? Spring!? Or is it Summer Already!

All the talk of Global Warming has, I think, begun to be appreciated by all and sundry, so I expect there will at least be people noticing when there might be energy being wasted when they feel open doors and air-conditioning, or when they see smokestacks belching coal soot and smoke as they drive across the Appalachians on their summer jaunts in - their Priuses! (Or should one write "Prii"?)

Regardless, those of us enjoying the asphalt comfort of the city in Summer - and who are looking forward to Shakespeare in the Parking Lot, and summer movies at the space atop 55 Water Street, as well as numerous events all over the metropolis - will no doubt have reason to get wet.

After all - there's Coney Island!
The familiar Luna Park smiler! 

Oh boy!  Let's fly! 

Ruby's is 80 years old this year - time for a Ruby Beer! 

But you have to go to the beach too, you know - for this is a destination not to be missed.

Unless you want to take a ride on the New Thunderbolt - which, I don't think, is not finished yet - or at least I didn't see it running yesterday (June 7, 2014).  Maybe soon?

You must spend an hour just walking the boardwalk - 

- preferably in suitable attire!

Or ... you could fly over it!

Really - and you don't have to be alone! 

But no one has dropped in a parachute from here in more than 30 years. 

Coney Island - it's a place to see! 

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