Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The High Line and Water - Part One

Good evening everyone!  In case you didn't notice, it is officially Summer!  So, get out there and be summary - I mean summery, if that's possibly a state of being that one can try to be.  Hmm.

I went out yesterday and journeyed to the High Line to witness, again, just how almost incredibly that elevated and derelict former freight line is doing.
And it is busy and bright with happy visitors - mostly young women?!  I didn't notice that so much until just now!

Well, the High Line is busy.

I had come there for a purpose, however.  I wanted to observe a little more closely how water is managed up there on those "old" railroad tracks.  After all, there is an awful lot of lush greenery up there:
This grasses, seemingly reclining in various sensual twists of luxurious green strands, is probably Mexican Feather Grass (as I learned from the gloriously helpful High Line Blog, for it is a Plant of the Week).  The spring rains seem to have really powered them with green juice!

Which made me wonder: how are these rains controlled?  Or do they just come and spread themselves randomly over the ground and everything?  Do they just, well, ebb away?  How do we manage the inevitable dryer periods? 
A drain?  Or part of a catch-basin.  I must investigate! 

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